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Why Hiring An Interior Designer Is Worth It

Updated: April 15, 2024
Viewing interior designers as investments rather than expenses given their spatial optimization, style creation and project management is key to designing outstanding spaces.

Hiring an interior designer can seem like an unnecessary expense, but it often pays for itself in the long run. Here’s a summary of why professional interior design services are worth the investment:

  • Saves you time and effort
  • Provides expertise and access to products/vendors
  • Creates a cohesive, functional space
  • Increases home value

Saves You Time and Effort

Interior design projects require an immense amount of time and effort to complete properly. From developing the concept and layout to selecting all the finishes and furnishings, it’s an overwhelming amount of work. An interior designer handles all aspects of the design process for you. This frees up your time to focus on other priorities.

Handles All Planning and Project Management

An interior designer will discuss your vision, needs and budget to create a design plan. They’ll measure the space, draft layouts, create 3D renderings and source products. Throughout the project, they’ll communicate with contractors, coordinate deliveries, place orders and oversee installations. Rather than you handling all these complex, time-consuming tasks, your designer takes care of everything.

Spend Time Enjoying the Finished Space

Without an interior designer, you may end up consumed with handling a remodeling or redecorating project yourself. This eats up your precious free time for months on end. And delays from permit issues or contractor errors often drag out the process even longer. By hiring a professional interior designer, you skip the headaches of managing the work yourself. This leaves you more time to relax and enjoy your beautifully designed space once the project finishes.

Provides Expertise and Access

Interior designers have an immense breadth of knowledge that the average homeowner lacks. From building codes and permit requirements to spatial planning techniques, they have specialized expertise. Interior designers also have professional connections that provide convenient access to products and vendors.

In-Depth Knowledge of Standards and Regulations

Adhering to the various codes, standards, laws and practices for interior construction work gets very complex. An experienced interior designer understands all the intricacies. They know the specific qualifications and certifications contractors must hold to perform certain types of work in your area. Designers stay up-to-date on the latest requirements for compliance with fire codes, building codes, accessibility standards and more. Attempting to navigate all these regulations yourself takes huge amounts of research and effort.

Access to High-Quality Products and Vendors

Over their many years working in the field, designers build relationships with vendors, dealers and manufacturers. This provides them access to resources and products that consumers can’t get access to on their own. Designers can source from trade-only showrooms that don’t sell directly to the public. They also get trade discounts with vendors that they can pass on to clients. This perk alone often offsets a significant portion of their fees.

Creates a Cohesive, Functional Space

A professionally designed room has a cohesive, integrated look. Furnishings and finishes work together in harmony since a designer plans the full space comprehensively from the start. The layout also provides ideal function for the intended purpose of the room. Attempting to create this level of cohesion and purposeful design on your own extremely challenging for those without training.

Coordinated Furnishings and Finishes

When designing a space themselves, homeowners often mix-and-match furnishings they’ve collected over time. Or they make impulse purchases without considering the overall vision. This results in a disjointed hodgepodge with clashing colors, varying styles and mismatched materials. With a professional designer, every element introduced into the space works in tandem. Lighting fixtures, furniture pieces, accent decor and even small details relate to each other purposefully.

Layouts Geared Towards Functionality

Proper planning is crucial for making a space as useful as possible. This requires carefully thinking through traffic flow, seating capacity, work zones and storage solutions. Designers apply their expertise in spatial planning and universal design when laying out floor plans. This allows them to create highly functional spaces tailored to resident’s needs. Without this knowledge, a DIY homeowner may arrange furnishings in ways that limit movement or storage awkwardly.

Increases Home Value

Professionally designed interior spaces heighten a home’s perceived value for resale. The cohesive aesthetic and functionality also makes spaces more enjoyable long-term for occupants. Both of aspects translate into increased monetary value. Real estate agents agree staging a home with the help of a certified interior designer can greatly accelerate selling.

Buyers Willing to Pay Premium

Data backs that buyers perceive well-designed homes as higher quality and in turn pay more for them. Homes with interiors incorporating custom architectural details and high-end materials especially fetch higher prices. By investing in professional interior design, home sellers set themselves apart from competition. This allows them to maximize profit when they eventually list their home.

Enhanced Enjoyment Day-to-Day

A thoughtfully planned, visually pleasing interior design enhances daily life at home between move-ins. When you wake up every morning surrounded by spaces that uplift and inspire you, it fuels productivity and satisfaction. By working with a talented interior designer to actualize your vision, you’ll love spending time in the finished rooms even more. This boost in your space’s enjoyability compounds positively over the years you occupy it.

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