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Easy Hacks for Space Management in Homes

Updated: April 15, 2024
Use these 10 simple ideas involving dual-purpose furniture, hidden storage, open shelving, light colors and mirrors to instantly make small spaces appear larger.

Key Takeaways for Space management: 

  • Use furniture with hidden storage
  • Install ceiling-high shelves 
  • Add storage under beds and couches
  • Use wall-mounted organizers 
  • Buy collapsable furniture 
  • Add vertical storage solutions 
  • Utilize dead space creatively 
  • Repurpose everyday items for storage

Use Furniture with Hidden Storage

One of the best ways to maximize storage in your home is to use furniture that has built-in hidden compartments. For example, an otttoman with storage inside can act as extra seating as well as provide storage for blankets and pillows. Look for coffee tables or side tables with drawers and cabinets inside. An entertainment unit with closed cabinets can neatly tuck away DVDs, games, and remotes.

Install Ceiling-High Shelves

Most homes waste the vertical space near the ceiling, which presents an excellent opportunity for extra storage. Install shelves or cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling to utilize this often neglected area. Use it to store seasonal items like holiday decorations that you only need access to occasionally. Ceiling-high shelving also works well in the kitchen for rarely used appliances and serveware.

Add Storage Under Beds and Couches

One quick and easy way to create more space is to make use of the area under beds and couches by adding storage boxes and containers. It keeps items organized andaccessible while taking advantage of space that normally goes unused. For beds, use under-bed bins and baskets to store extra linens and blankets. For couches, use storage ottomans and cubbies to stash books, magazines, games, and more.

Use Wall-Mounted Organizers

Wall-mounted organizers like rails, hooks, shelves, and racks are great for creating vertical storage on any bare wall space. Entryways, kitchens, bedrooms, and mudrooms are ideal spots to add this type of storage. Use rails or shelving to display cookware in the kitchen, hooks to hang coats and bags in the entryway, and shelves for toiletries in the bathroom. Go vertical with your storage to open up floor and counter space.

Buy Collapsable Furniture

Furniture that can be folded up or collapsed helps save a ton of space when not in use. Collapsable furniture like folding chairs, tables, and bookshelves can be folded flat and slid behind other furniture or under beds. Look for coffee tables or desks that fold up against the wall or have leaves that drop down when needed. This type of versatile, compact furniture maximizes your living area.

Add Vertical Storage Solutions

In addition to wall storage, other vertical storage solutions involve stacking, hanging, and elevating your belongings. Stackable storage bins and cubbies neatly corral toys, clothes, pantry items, and more while taking up minimal floor space. Hanging shoe organizers on the back of closet doors provide plenty of room for footwear storage. For the kitchen, install pot racks, hanging utensil rails, and floating shelves to keep items off the counter.

Utilize Dead Space Creatively

Take a look around your home for any “dead spaces” that are not being used to their full potential. Small nooks and crannies often go overlooked but can become prime storage real estate. Built-in bookcases around a window or fireplace make use of dead space beautifully. You can also have custom cabinetry built into awkward angles and corners of a room. Think vertically and utilize the often wasted space between wall studs.

Repurpose Everyday Items for Storage

With some creativity, you can repurpose common household items into functional storage solutions. A ladder turned sideways makes great shelving against a wall. Use a dish drying rack to hang and organize plastic bags and wraps. Repurpose large jars or cans as desktop organizers for small office supplies. An old tool box or tackle box can hold everything from art supplies to sewing essentials. Look around for unused items that, with some tweaking, can be given new life as storage.

With these handy tips and tricks, it is easy to maximize storage space in any home without major renovations. Smart storage solutions will make your home feel instantly more spacious and organized. From furniture fixes to creative repurposing, the possibilities are endless for optimizing the storage capacity of your precious square footage.

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