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When to Hire Commercial Interior Design Services

Ideally hire commercial interior designers during new builds, refurbishments, expansions, mergers, acquisitions or when workplaces start appearing dated to boost branding and productivity.

Here is a quick summary of when you should hire a commercial interior designer:

– Expanding to a new office location – Renovating or remodeling existing space – Creating a new company brand and design – Improving employee productivity and wellbeing

Evaluating Your Current Office Space and Needs

The first step is to take a close look at your current office space and assess how well it is meeting your business needs. Consider factors like:

  • Functionality – Is the layout efficient for your work processes? Is there enough space for your current employees and future growth?
  • Branding – Does the aesthetic align with your company image and values? Does it leave a positive impression on clients?
  • Employee experience – Is the environment comfortable, inspiring, and collaborative for your team?

If your current space is falling short in any of these areas, it may be time to bring in a commercial interior designer.

Moving to a New Office Location

When expanding your business into a new office space, hiring an interior designer should be one of your first moves. They will help you:

  • Determine space requirements and optimal layout
  • Select furnishings that maximize functionality and brand image
  • Oversee renovations and build-out of the new space
  • Manage the relocation process smoothly and efficiently

You want your new office to check all the boxes when it comes to meeting your business needs. A designer will provide the expertise to make that happen.

Renovating or Remodeling an Existing Office

Even if you are staying put, there are many reasons why you may want to renovate or remodel your current space:

  • Reflecting an evolving brand identity through new design
  • Improving workflow, collaboration, and efficiency
  • Accommodating a growing team with more room and workstations
  • Updating aging finishes and furniture for a fresh look

A skilled interior designer can overhaul an existing space to make it feel new again – all while maximizing every inch to accommodate your needs.

Establishing a Strong Company Brand

Your office design and layout play a major role in shaping your company image. Interior designers are experts at translating your brand identity into the physical environment. They can:

  • Select color palettes, materials, and art that align with your brand style
  • Incorporate branded elements and signage for a consistent look
  • Create designated spaces that showcase your brand story and culture
  • Balance brand expression with functionality in the space planning

Hiring a designer is the best way to develop an office that leaves clients and employees with an unforgettable positive brand experience.

Boosting Employee Productivity and Wellbeing

Today’s employers recognize the need to create offices that promote worker happiness and health. This directly impacts productivity and retention. Interior designers keep these factors in mind by:

  • Planning spaces for collaboration alongside private focus work
  • Choosing ergonomic furnishings to prevent strain and injury
  • Selecting uplifting materials, colors, and lighting
  • Incorporating recreation areas and amenities

Your office environment can be carefully crafted to make employees feel their best while doing great work.

When Budgeting for a Design Project

Hiring an interior designer represents an upfront investment that pays off through maximizing your new or renovated space. When budgeting, consider:

  • Design fees average 5-15% of total project cost
  • This expertise prevents costly mistakes and do-overs
  • Designer connections get better rates on furnishings
  • The right office design drives productivity, recruitment, and retention

View designer fees as securing the full value of your commercial space – now and in the future.

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