How to Do Architectural Home Design the Right Way

Updated: July 24, 2024
Learn about the step-by-step architectural design process that converts vague dreams into tangible and flawlessly functioning living spaces.

Key tips for architectural home design:

  • Determine your design goals and requirements
  • Research architectural styles that fit your vision
  • Work with a professional architect
  • Focus on floor plan and layout
  • Select quality building materials
  • Pay attention to lighting design
  • Incorporate green design principles
  • Don’t neglect the exterior design
  • Consider energy efficiency

Determine Your Design Goals and Requirements

The first step in architectural home design is to determine your goals, needs, and requirements. Consider factors like:

  • How much space do you need?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • What will be the function of each room?
  • Do you need any special accommodations?
  • What is your desired aesthetic or style?
  • What is your budget?

Having a clear vision of your goals will enable the designer to craft a home plan that perfectly suits your lifestyle. Be sure to communicate your must-haves as well as your flexible preferences.

Research Architectural Home Styles

Once you know what you want in your new home, start researching architectural styles that appeal to you. Here are some popular options to consider:

  • Contemporary: Focused on clean lines, open spaces, and modern materials like metal and glass.
  • Craftsman: Emphasizes simplicity, exposed wood beams, and an organic connection to nature.
  • Farmhouse: Features wraparound porches, shiplap siding, and a cozy, rural vibe.
  • Mediterranean: Defined by stucco walls, tile roofs, arches, and an old-world Italian or Spanish flair.
  • Victorian: Distinguished by complex rooflines, ornate trim, towers, and brightly-painted exteriors.

Gather inspiration images, make note of details you love, and decide on an overarching style to guide the design. This will provide direction as you collaborate with your architect.

Hire a Professional Architect

While you can find house plans online, I highly recommend hiring an architect to design your custom dream home. Architects have the skills and experience to:

  • Translate your vision into a practical, buildable design.
  • Maximize and creatively use the space on your property.
  • Meet local zoning regulations and building codes.
  • Oversee construction plans and timelines.
  • Problem-solve challenges that arise during the build.

A reputable architect will be well-versed in the latest and most effective design strategies. They will guide you in making decisions that balance aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Paying for excellent design services upfront will save headaches down the road.

Focus on Layout and Floor Plan

One of the most important things your architect will help you design is the layout and floor plan. This involves deciding:

  • Room sizes and proportions
  • Open versus closed floor plans
  • Placement of windows and doors
  • Traffic flow between rooms
  • Location of staircases
  • Division of public and private zones

The floor plan greatly impacts how comfortable and functional a home feels day-to-day. Be sure to think about how you live and interact as a household. Focus on creating open communal areas along with private retreats suited to your lifestyle.

Select Durable, Quality Building Materials

Never cut corners when selecting structural materials like:

  • Framing lumber: Opt for kiln-dried lumber over green wood.
  • Siding: Consider fiber cement or brick versus cheaper vinyl.
  • Windows: Invest in energy efficient models made of vinyl, fiberglass, or wood/aluminum clad.
  • Insulation: Use spray foam or rigid panels to prevent air leakage.

Higher quality materials will withstand weathering and last for decades with proper maintenance. They also provide better insulation, moisture resistance, and curb appeal. The same goes for interior finish materials like flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and trim. Select durable, low-maintenance options that will stand the test of time and family life.

Pay Close Attention to Lighting

Lighting is one of the most mood-influencing elements of architectural design. Be sure to incorporate:

  • Natural light: Strategically place windows to maximize sunshine.
  • Task lighting: Install fixtures for focused illumination over work areas.
  • Ambient lighting: Include overall and accent lighting for each room.
  • Outdoor lighting: Highlight walkways, entries, patios, and landscape features.

Layering different lighting types creates a warm, welcoming ambiance. Your lighting plan should provide both form and function.

Incorporate Green Design Strategies

Sustainable design is the future of architecture. Be sure to:

  • Orient the home to take advantage of passive solar heating and natural cooling.
  • Include ample insulation, air sealing, and energy efficient windows and doors.
  • Install solar panels, cool roofs, stormwater collection systems, and other eco-friendly features.
  • Choose sustainable, non-toxic building materials whenever possible.
  • Plant native vegetation to reduce irrigation needs.

A green design philosophy will enable your home to stay comfortable while conserving resources and energy. It also boosts resale value as eco-consciousness grows.

Don’t Neglect the Exterior Design

Curb appeal is hugely important, so work closely with your architect to design an attractive, welcoming exterior. Details like:

  • Façade materials
  • Roof style and finsihes
  • Window design
  • Door placement and style
  • Exterior lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Fences, patios, decks

All work together to create an appealing first impression. Choose finishes and features that seamlessly integrate with the interior while reflecting your personal style.

Consider Energy Efficiency

An energy efficient home costs less to operate while improving comfort and air quality. Your architect should include:

  • Advanced insulation and elimination of thermal bridging.
  • High performance HVAC systems.
  • Strategic passive solar design.
  • Energy efficient water heating.
  • Smart home technology and automation.

These features along with weatherization, ENERGY STAR appliances, and conscientious usage habits enable maximum energy savings.

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