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How To Design Homes Like An Interior Designer in 2024?

Updated: April 15, 2024
In 2024, interior design trends are focusing more on sustainability, technology integration, and flexible spaces that can transform based on your needs. Implementing these trends into home designs can make your space feel fresh and modern. Read on to learn key tips from top interior designers on how to use hot interior design trends to craft a home that looks professionally designed.

Table of Content:

  1. Evaluate How You Use Each Room
  2. Create a Flexible Floorplan
  3. Infuse Nature Through Biophilic Design
  4. Incorporate Warm, Organic Textures
  5. Use Statement Lighting Fixtures
  6. Integrate Smart Home Technology
  7. Apply Strategic Color Palettes
  8. Prioritize Eco-Friendly Materials
  9. Customize with Unique Pieces
  10. Consider Open Concept Spaces
  11. Hire Interior x Design – The Best in Gurgaon

1 – Evaluate How You Use Each Room

The first step to designing your home like an interior designer is to objectively evaluate how you use each room. Analyze the way you currently navigate through the space and how you conduct daily activities. This evaluation will reveal opportunities for improving room layouts and functions. Pay attention to any spaces that feel disjointed or frustrate your normal routines. These areas likely need a floorplan reconfiguration to better serve their intended uses.

2 – Create a Flexible Floorplan

One of 2024’s hottest interior design trends is incorporating flexibility into room layouts. Convertible room dividers, moveable walls, and multi-functional furniture allow homeowners to reconfigure spaces to suit evolving needs. Interior designers recommend centering rooms around modular furniture that offers concealed storage options. Features like fold-down walls and expandable tables also facilitate flexible room use. By designing adaptable systems into your floorplan, you can easily transform rooms for different occasions without completely redecorating.

3 – Infuse Nature Through Biophilic Design

Biophilic design connects interior spaces to the natural environment through real plants, natural materials, and references to nature. Working elements of the outdoors into home interiors provides both physical and mental health benefits for inhabitants. Interior designers infuse biophilic design in spaces by adding features like large houseplants, wooden accents, ample natural lighting, ventilation systems, garden views, water fixtures, stones, green walls, and more. Adding multiple biophilic elements creates a welcoming, refreshing home that feels connected to the outside environment.

4 – Incorporate Warm, Organic Textures

Interior designers often balance sleek, clean-lined elements with organic textures that add depth, warmth, and visual interest. Natural wood finishes, textured ceramic tiles, nubby linens, and woven accents are on-trend in 2024. Mixing tactile, nature-inspired textures and tones along soft, curved shapes produces welcoming interiors reminiscent of habitats found in nature. Accent walls or built-in shelves surfaced with 3D tiles or panels add an intriguing, multidimensional style when contrasted with furniture sporting sleek lines. Layering lighting, linens, rugs, and upholstery made from natural fibers gives off an earthy vibe and brings the outdoors inside.

5 – Use Statement Lighting Fixtures

One detail interior designers frequently use to transform mundane spaces is statement lighting fixtures. A singular, sculptural pendant adds character and dimension to any interior. Equally impactful are oversized chandeliers or eye-catching wall sconces with distinctive shapes and finishes. While statement light fixtures command attention, they should coordinate with the rest of the lighting design to balance ambient illumination. Interior designers often combine a bold hanging pendant with recessed cans, accent lighting, and ample natural light from windows or skylights. The goal is cohesive lighting that flatters everyone in the space.

6 – Integrate Smart Home Technology

Advancements in smart home technology make integrating automated conveniences into home designs easier than ever! Contemporary designers build customized control systems allowing homeowners to manage lighting scenes, music streaming, entertainment systems, window coverings, appliances, security components, and more using home automation apps and voice control assistants. Keyless entry systems, in-home virtual assistants like Alexa or Nest, wireless Bluetooth speakers, programmable thermostats, video doorbells, lighting automation panels, and integrated audiovisual systems all fall into the smart home category in 2024.

7 – Apply Strategic Color Palettes

One of the easiest ways to make home interiors resemble designer spaces is by applying a coordinated, strategic color palette. Most designers opt for a dominant neutral shade on major surfaces, then introduce bold pops of color via décor accents. Limit primary hues to one or two complementary colors for a refined, polished aesthetic reminiscent of chic boutique hotels. Rich jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire blue pair beautifully with quartz, marble, white oak, black metals, and ivory linens. Alternatively, opt for muted earthy palettes echoing the outdoors with creamy neutrals, warm metallics, and organic shapes. Use restraint when applying colorful accents to avoid overwhelming interiors.

8 – Prioritize Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainable design trends are skyrocketing, so utilizing eco-friendly materials is an absolute must for designer style homes in 2024. Opt for furnishings made from recycled materials, organic cottons and linens, fast-growing bamboo, FSC-certified wood, natural stone and tiles, upcycled finishes, and non-toxic stains and paints. Seek out brands that share your values around ethical production and green materials. Support smaller makers and artisans pioneering regenerative product lifecycles. Scout secondhand shops to score discounted vintage fixtures that already have an inherited story. Not only is sourcing environmentally-conscious products better for the planet, it also conveys elevated, discerning taste.

9 – Customize with Unique Pieces

While matching furniture sets convey a polished aesthetic, customizing rooms with thoughtfully curated one-of-a-kind pieces reflects an interior designer’s skillful eye. Sculptural lighting fixtures, personalized artwork, bespoke furnishings, handcrafted accents, family heirlooms, regional antiquities, and vintage discoveries make spaces feel uniquely original. Visit local boutiques, specialty shops, art galleries, flea markets, estate sales, and small-scale makers in your community to discover special décor not mass-produced. Showcase these items like precious works of art. Choose complementing found treasures that align with your interior motifs. The personalized touches make home spaces truly memorable.

10 – Consider Open Concept Spaces

One prevalent interior design trend this decade favors expansive, open concept floorplans promoting free-flowing indoor/outdoor living. Knocking down walls to connect kitchens with dining areas and living rooms facilitates intimate gatherings. Spacious great rooms with ample seating welcome both daily lounging and special event entertaining. Adding sets of French doors expands flow onto patios, doubling accessible space. Built-in shelving, window seats, fireplace nooks, and partition screens help delineate room zones without totally isolating areas. While increased natural lighting and sightlines create a spacious ambiance, be sure to incorporate sufficient architectural details providing comforting enclosure. The flexibility enables both small and grand-scale hosting needs.

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Designing Homes Like An Interior Designer

Implementing trending interior design details into home spaces results in sophisticated, designer-grade interiors perfect for modern living in 2024. Evaluating room usages, incorporating flexibility, adding biophilic elements, layering tactile textures, installing statement light fixtures, integrating smart home technology, applying strategic color palettes, choosing eco-friendly materials, customizing with signature pieces, opening floorplans, and hiring a professional designer transform basic spaces into intriguing, photoshoot-worthy interiors. Use these tips and trends to craft picture-perfect dwellings this year!


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