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Home Interior Design Cost in Gurgaon

Updated: April 15, 2024
Are you looking to give your home in Gurgaon a makeover with professional interior design services? As exciting as home renovations can be, the costs involved often become a pain point. How much does it really cost to hire an interior designer in Gurgaon? What factors affect the pricing? Read on as we break down the average home interior design cost in Gurgaon.

Home Interior Design Cost in Gurgaon

Interior design fees in Gurgaon can range quite a bit depending on exactly what services you need. Just for furniture placement and decoration ideas, interior designers typically charge between ₹25,000-₹50,000. They would charge extra for creating three-dimensional (3D) views of the proposed designs, which alone can cost ₹75,000-₹1.5 lakh.

There are a few common methods interior designers use to estimate overall project costs:

Square Feet Method: With this approach, you get a per-square-foot estimate based on the total area of your home. Expect to pay ₹10-₹100 per square foot just for the design if it’s a small home. For larger homes that need products and carpentry work like modular kitchens, flooring, and ceilings, costs range from ₹2,000-3,000 per square foot. Always clarify what’s included and excluded from the quote.

Per Unit Method: Here, the cost is determined by the number and sizes of fixed units like wardrobes and beds rather than square footage. The interior design firm charges per modular furniture unit.

Percentage of Property Cost: Some designers simply charge 10% of the total property cost for their services. So for a ₹1 crore home, you’d pay ₹10 lakh.

Home Interior Design Cost in Gurgaon

Other factors impacting interior design costs include:

Property Type: Designing the interiors of an old home generally costs less than a new one. Design Theme: Simple furniture placement is cheaper than installing wall treatments, flooring, etc. The fancier the theme, the higher your costs.

You may also come across:

Lump Sum Fee: This is a fixed project cost determined at the discretion of the interior designer based on expected work needed.

Site Visit Charges: Expect to pay ₹1,000-2,500 per visit beyond the first 3-4 visits included in the initial quote.

Iteration Fees: Making extensive alterations from initial designs can incur additional fees of a few thousand rupees.

Just Design Fee: If you only need decor ideas and furniture suggestions without execution, you’ll pay between ₹25,000-50,000. Adding 3D renderings costs ₹75,000-1.5 lakh more.

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