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Home Embellishments to Brighten Living Spaces

Updated: April 15, 2024
Spruce up your home with mirror accents, fresh florals, scented candles, textured throw pillows, gallery walls and greenery for polished style with personality.

Here is a summary of the tips covered in this blog post for brightening up your living spaces with home embellishments:

  • Add pops of color with throw pillows, blankets, and artwork
  • Incorporate greenery with potted plants, wreaths, and floral arrangements
  • Display collections of books, photos, sculptures, or other cherished items
  • Hang mirrors to reflect light and create a sense of spaciousness
  • Use accent lighting like lamps, sconces, and under cabinet lighting
  • Incorporate warm textures with rugs, curtains, upholstered furniture
  • Add personalized touches like monograms, family photos, inspirational wall art
  • Update fixtures like cabinet hardware, light fixtures, faucets
  • Arrange fresh flowers in colorful vases displayed throughout the home

Add Pops of Color

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your living spaces is by adding pops of color. This can be done simply and affordably with new throw pillows, blankets, and artwork. Choose colors like sunny yellow, cheerful orange, refreshing green, or calming blue. Mix and match solid colors with patterns and textures for lots of visual interest. Scatter new throw pillows in bright hues across sofas, chairs, and beds in living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. Fold colorful throw blankets over the back of sofas or place them on ottomans. Swap out solid colored pillows and blankets seasonally to keep your decor feeling fresh. Add new artwork with colorful designs, paintings, photographs, or prints to your walls. Clustering 3 to 5 pieces together creates fun gallery walls that instantly become focal points. Seek out affordable art prints or frame pages from old books, sheet music, or maps to create your own artwork.

Incorporate Greenery

Plants are a simple yet impactful way to liven up living spaces. Greenery instantly makes any room feel more alive and inviting. Place potted plants in corners, on shelves, by windows, or on plant stands. Choose low maintenance house plants like succulents, snake plants, philodendrons, and pothos. Add fresh floral arrangements like tulips, lilies, daisies, or hydrangeas in colorful vases. Opt for faux flowers and greenery to enjoy maintenance-free botanicals year-round. Hang small planters along walls or set them on bookshelves. Display leafy wreaths made of eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, or evergreens on walls or doors to greet guests. Create a relaxing living space by adorning side tables, mantels, and shelves with an assortment of potted plants and flowers. The vibrant green hues pair perfectly with all color schemes.

Display Collections

Gather and exhibit treasured collections around your home to add personalized character. Display arranged books on shelves, stacked horizontally or vertically. Mix titles, heights, and orientations for visual diversity. Add bookends to keep organized. Create galleries of framed family photos on walls or shelves. Arrange by color or subject for a cohesive look. Update frames seasonally for a quick decor change. Show off meaningful souvenirs, sculptures, pottery, or other special objects on shelves, side tables, or windowsills. Group items by color, theme, or material for a curated look. Add risers or boxes to build vertical displays. Rotate seasonal collections like shells and sea glass, holiday ornaments, snow globes, or vintage toys. Keep favorite items out year-round, storing others to bring out on holidays or during relevant seasons.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors visually expand small living spaces, making the area feel more spacious. Position across from windows to reflect outdoor light and views indoors. Lean over sofas, sideboards, or dressers for doubled decor display. Opt for large statement mirrors to make the biggest impact. Go for dramatic shapes like sunbursts, circles, hexagons, or ovals. Lean narrow floor mirrors in entryways or hallways. Cluster a collection of various sized round mirrors together for an eclectic gallery wall. Mix framed mirrors and beveled mirrors. Add sconces or artwork around mirrors to create vignettes. Experiment with creative mirror placements like above fireplaces, on stair landings, or behind sofas. Angle slightly to reflect different parts of the room. Mirrors make small rooms feel bigger and large rooms feel cozier.

Use Accent Lighting

Strategically placed lighting draws attention to decor while making rooms feel brighter. Table and floor lamps illuminate dark corners in living rooms, bedrooms, and dens. Opt for adjustable heights to direct light where needed. Line bookshelves with puck lights to spotlight displays. Under cabinet lights provide task lighting in kitchens and home offices. Install dimmers to control ambiance from bright and energetic to calm and relaxed. Sconces flanking beds, sofas, fireplaces, or mirrors provide decorative uplighting. Pick sconce styles that complement your decor like rustic, midcentury, industrial, or bohemian. Place candles throughout living spaces for flickering ambient lighting when in use. Try color changing lights to set different moods in entertaining spaces like living rooms and patios. Uplights placed behind TVs reduce eye strain while creating a relaxing glow. Accent lighting highlights decor and makes every room more inviting.

Incorporate Warm Textures

Natural textured elements add cozy warmth to living spaces. Soft textured rugs feel nice underfoot in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways. Choose natural fiber rugs like wool, cotton, jute, or sisal. Layer rugs over carpets or hardwood floors. Hang thick textured curtains on windows for an inviting look. Choose fabrics like linen, velvet, or textured solid patterns. Draw curtains to soften bright spaces during the day or for added insulation at night. Upholstered sofas, chairs, ottomans, and headboards provide comfortable seating and textures. Tufted and chenille fabrics add extra visual appeal. Add knit or crocheted throw blankets for ultra-cozy lounge spaces. Natural wood finishes on shelves, side tables, console tables, and picture frames add organic warmth. Distressed and reclaimed woods like barnwood work especially well for a rustic feel. Incorporate ceramic vases, woven baskets, and other textured decorative accessories.

Personalize with Photos & Art

Personalized touches make a house feel like a home. Display family photos in creative arrangements for a welcoming feel. Cluster framed photos above sofas or beds, or line up photos along a shelf or mantel. Create a photo timeline on a stairway wall highlighting family milestones and memories. Opt for same colored frames to tie the look together. Print black and white photos for timeless instant wall art. Hang meaningful art like spiritual phrases, inspirational quotes, or song lyrics. Find affordable printable art on Etsy to frame. Select pieces with uplifting messages and colors that complement your existing decor. Monogram pillows, blankets, doormats, and wall art. Choose modern fonts with clean lines or script fonts for a classic Grace Kelly look. Display your last name prominently on your entryway wall or front door wreath.

Update Fixtures

Over time, hardware and fixtures may look outdated or become tarnished. Swapping these out can make a big visual impact. Visit home improvement stores to select new cabinet and drawer hardware like knobs, pulls, or handles. Replace outdated light fixtures, lamps, sconces, and pendant lights. Opt for pieces that complement your decor style, like drum pendants for midcentury homes or chandeliers for traditional spaces. Update faucets, showerheads, and other bathroom fixtures for an easy refresh. Stainless steel, black, bronze, and white finishes stay on trend. Ensure new fixtures meet your lifestyle needs. Change out ceiling fans for models with integrated lights, remotes, or smart technology. Install dimmable switches to control light levels in dining rooms and bedrooms. Update track lighting over kitchen islands or workspaces to spotlight tasks.

Display Fresh Flowers

Fresh flower arrangements instantly brighten any space. Select seasonal blooms like tulips and daffodils in spring, sunflowers and zinnias in summer, and chrysanthemums and pansies in fall. For year-round options, go for roses, lilies, orchids, or carnations. Place small bouquets in clear glass vases on entryway tables, console tables, sideboards, mantels, or shelves. Cluster 3 to 5 mini vases together for big visual impact. Opt for complementary colors that pop against your decor.

Gallery walls display a clustered arrangement of art, photos, mirrors, wall shelves, and other accessories. The eclectic styling adds loads of visual interest to large blank walls in living rooms, family rooms, and master bedrooms. Start by playing with arrangement, mapping out your gallery wall with removable adhesive putty. Mix sized frames – some large feature pieces with smaller items. Overlap frames and vary heights and orientations. Leave a bit of wall space blank between groupings. Mix mediums like framed photos, art prints, wall shelves, and mirrors. Incorporate meaningful memorabilia and collected items. Paint or stain frames, shelves, and trim the same color for cohesion. Switch out seasonal art and accessories. Gallery walls allow you to showcase what makes your home special.

Add Architectural Accents

Structural elements like mantels, beams, trim, and niches provide architectural interest. Whitewash brick fireplaces and exposed beams or pipes for an industrial modern vibe. Paint built-ins, window trim, and doors crisp white for a bright coastal feel. Accent architectural features with wallpaper, shiplap, or beadboard. Opt for subtle patterns and light hues to avoid overwhelming small spaces. Add crown molding, chair rail molding, or wainscoting for classical detailing. Niches built into walls are great for displaying artwork, collections, or decorative objects. Illuminate with puck lights or sconces. Try wallpaper, shiplap, or tile as the niche backsplash. Refurbish outdated architectural accents with new finishes, hardware, lighting, and freshly painted trim. Enhance original details to add character without major renovations.

Layer Rugs Over Carpeting

Carpets may become worn and appear dull over time. An easy makeover solution is layering trendy rugs over dated carpeting. Opt for larger rugs to cover most of the carpet, or use smaller rugs near focal points like seating areas. Choose rug patterns and colors that complement your existing decor. Hide carpet stains and traffic patterns while introducing fresh style. Use rug pads to prevent slipping between carpet and rug. Try vintage style rugs with traditional motifs like Oushak or Kashan for a cultured look. Modern graphic black and white rugs give contemporary spaces a sleek lift. Braided, wool, or sisal natural fiber rugs work with casual, rustic, or farmhouse rooms. Swap out rugs seasonally to keep up with trends. Layer them over carpets as an easy and affordable update that completely transforms the look and feel of a space. Protect carpets from future wear by adding rugs in high traffic areas.

Display Meaningful Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books make great decorative accents while allowing you to highlight interests and show off your style. Choose titles related to hobbies like cooking, gardening, art, architecture, or music. Select books with beautifully photographed pages to casually flip through. Display coffee table books that inspire you like volumes on spirituality, self-help, personal growth, or inspirational biographies. Stack horizontally or vertically for height variation. Incorporate frames, objets d’art, or small plants around stacked books. Opt for oversized books that make a bold decorative statement, using them as sculptural accents on their own. Try showcasing local travel guides or iconic photography books from dream destinations. Swap out books seasonally to keep your collection fresh and engaging. Keep cherished books from childhood on hand for reminiscing with kids and guests. Display treasured rare book finds or antique volumes. Meaningful coffee table books let your personality shine.

Repurpose & Upcycle Finds

Give thrifted, vintage, or flea market finds new life through repurposing and upcycling. Transform an old ladder into a towel rack, set of drawers into a vanity stool, or suitcases into end tables with storage. Sand and restain salvaged wood furniture, doors, shutters, or pallets to use throughout the home. Paint retro dressers, dining sets, or cabinets to match your current decor vibe. Mix repurposed vintage with new pieces and accessories. Deconstruct outdated quilts or blankets to make pillow covers and throws. Use the fabric from vintage dress shirts or ties to make decorative pillows. Cut crystal glassware to make glittering knobs or pulls for updated drawers and cabinets. Print your own artwork onto salvaged wood palette signage for cheap wall art. Attach shutters or salvaged doors to walls as decorative displays. Upcycling adds vintage character while keeping unique finds out of landfills.

Organize Clutter Prone Areas

Clutter diminishes the look and feel of living spaces. Organize mess-prone areas like entryways, mudrooms, home offices, playrooms, and kitchens for a tidier backdrop. Conceal clutter with covered baskets, bins, and storage furniture. Install wall hooks, coat racks, and cubbies in entryways and mudrooms to assign everything a designated storage spot. Use cabinets, lockers, shelves, or benches to stash bags, shoes, mail, keys, hats, gloves, etc. Maximize kitchen organization with drawer dividers, turntables, tiered shelving, and customized inserts to make finding everything easy. Label clear glass jars to display staples like pasta, rice, beans, etc. Set up personalized workstations in home offices with supplies and accessories neatly organized. Use desktop risers, drawer dividers, magazine files, and desk trays to streamline paper and supplies. Neat playrooms allow easy access to toys, games, and activities while keeping clutter contained. Use canvas bins, shelving, and storage ottomans to assign categories. Having a place for everything cuts visual chaos.

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