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Benefits of Turnkey Interior Design Services

Updated: April 15, 2024
Turnkey interior design delivers sophisticated style tailored for your unique space without you having to coordinate various vendors and manage the process.

Key benefits of using turnkey interior design services:

  • Saves you time and effort
  • Provides expertise and experience
  • Gives you access to trade discounts
  • Handles all parts of the design process
  • Delivers a complete, cohesive design

Turnkey Design Saves You Time and Effort

Interior design is a complex process that requires significant time and effort to do right. When you work with a turnkey interior designer, they handle all aspects of the design from start to finish. This saves you countless hours you would otherwise spend planning, sourcing items, coordinating contractors, and managing the project. The designer has established relationships with vendors, contractors, and other professionals to streamline the design process.

Turnkey Design Provides Expertise and Experience

An experienced interior designer has the expertise to create a functional, aesthetically appealing design that suits your unique style and needs. They understand important design principles like space planning, color theory, lighting, furniture arrangements, and material selection. Their experience with hundreds of design projects allows them to avoid common pitfalls and optimize the design. As an interior design firm, they stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations.

Access to Trade Discounts

Because interior design firms work with contractors, vendors, and suppliers regularly, they can get trade discounts that are not available to the general public. These discounts get passed onto clients, reducing the overall cost of the design project. Turnkey designers have established relationships that give them buying power you simply would not have on your own.

Handles All Aspects of the Interior Design Process

Here are some of the key parts of the design process that a turnkey interior designer will handle for you:

  • Space planning – Assessing space and planning optimal furniture arrangement and floorplan.
  • Mood boards – Creating conceptual mood boards to establish overall aesthetic.
  • Lighting plan – Designing a lighting plan for ambiance, task lighting, etc.
  • Color scheme – Selecting an appealing, cohesive color palette.
  • Furnishings – Sourcing and specifying furniture, art, accessories, etc.
  • Custom pieces – Designing any custom built-ins, window treatments, etc.
  • Finishes – Selecting flooring, paint colors, countertops, wall coverings.
  • Construction – Overseeing any construction, renovation or installation work.
  • Project management – Managing timeline, budget, purchasing, delivery and installation.

This comprehensive service allows you to sit back and watch your space transform without having to coordinate all the moving pieces.

Delivers a Complete, Cohesive Design

The advantage of having an interior designer handle your entire design project is that they consider the space as a whole, ensuring all elements work together harmoniously. From the furnishings to the color scheme to the lighting, everything is carefully curated and layered to create a complete interior design. A professional designer knows how to pull together a cohesive look that suits the architecture and your lifestyle. The result is a polished, integrated interior design you would be unable to achieve on your own.

Benefits for Residential Design

For residential design projects like homes, apartments and condos, a turnkey interior designer provides the following key benefits:

  • Creates a welcoming, comfortable environment tailored to your needs.
  • Makes the space functional for how you live and entertain.
  • Confidently handles renovations and custom built-ins.
  • Oversees contractors and installers so work is done properly.
  • Saves you from decision fatigue throughout the design process.
  • Helps express your unique personality and design aesthetic.
  • Gives you a beautiful, polished home you’ll enjoy for years.

You spend so much time in your home, it only makes sense to have it designed by professionals who understand what makes a space work for your lifestyle.

Benefits for Commercial Design

For commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, retail stores, etc., some key benefits of turnkey design include:

  • Creates an effective workspace layout for productivity and functionality.
  • Builds your company’s brand identity through interior design.
  • Incorporates ergonomics, technology, lighting and acoustics.
  • Provides more cost certainty with fixed pricing.
  • Saves business owners and staff from design management duties.
  • Brings your commercial vision to life on schedule and on budget.
  • Delivers design with measurable impact on your business goals.

The right office or retail design attracts talent, engages customers and makes your company look prestigious. Turnkey designers have the business interior design expertise to support your company through a design project.

How to Select the Right Turnkey Interior Designer

Not all turnkey interior design firms are created equal. Here are some tips for selecting the right turnkey interior designer:

  • Look at their portfolio and read reviews to evaluate past work.
  • Make sure they have experience with projects similar to yours.
  • Ask about their design process and timeline expectations.
  • Request references from past clients you can contact.
  • Verify they have all required licenses, insurance and bonds.
  • Understand how they charge – flat fee, hourly or cost plus.
  • Meet in person and make sure your design visions align.
  • Ensure you have a detailed written contract for the services.

Taking the time to vet designers will pay off in a smoother, more successful project.

Questions to Ask a Prospective Turnkey Interior Designer

Here are some important questions to ask when interviewing potential interior designers for your project:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many projects like mine have you completed?
  • What is your design process and timeline?
  • What interior design services do you provide versus subcontract?
  • Do you offer 3D renderings or visualizations?
  • How involved will I be in making design selections?
  • How do you establish and stick to a budget?
  • Do you have a cohesive team supporting you?
  • What are your policies if a project goes over budget or timeline?
  • Can you share photographs of some recent projects?

Their responses will help you understand their experience, services and design approach to determine if they are a good fit.

Turnkey Design Options

Turnkey is an interior design service model, but designers may offer different variations:

Full Turnkey Design – The designer handles the entire process from concept to completion, including furnishings sourcing and installation. You are involved only for consultations and approvals.

Turnkey Plus – Beyond just interior design, the firm also provides architecture, engineering, demolition, and construction services. This allows for a seamless experience.

Partial Turnkey – The designer handles parts of the process, such as specifying finishes/fixtures or providing decor consulting while you manage the rest. Be sure to understand the scope of services provided to know what is included versus not. Some turnkey designers offer à la carte services.

Pros and Cons of Turnkey Interior Design

Below is an overview of the main pros and cons of hiring a turnkey interior designer:


  • Saves significant time and effort
  • Provides expert guidance throughout the process
  • Delivers a holistic, integrated design
  • Oversees the entire project from concept to completion
  • Has relationships with vendors to get discounts
  • Reduces stress


  • More expensive than DIY or piecemeal design
  • You have less control over product selection
  • Design is based on the firm’s taste and inventory
  • Possible lack of customization or personalization
  • May still require coordination and decisions from you

While turnkey design simplifies the process, it comes at a premium cost. You’ll also have less input on specific product selections. Make sure to vet designers carefully to find one whose style matches your own.

Cost of Turnkey Interior Design Services

The cost of turnkey interior design varies greatly based on the size and scope of the project. Industry sources estimate the following average costs:

  • Turnkey interior design for a master bedroom or small bathroom may range from $5,000-$15,000.
  • The turnkey cost to design an entire home is often $50-$150 per square foot.
  • For a 2,000 square foot home, that equals $100,000-$300,000.
  • The cost of turnkey commercial space design is $100-$500 per square foot.

Factors impacting turnkey design costs include:

  • Amount of custom vs. ready-made furnishings specified
  • Complexity of architectural detailing and finishes
  • Geographic location of the firm
  • Level of branding and identity required
  • Scope of services provided (design only vs. plus contracting)

Be sure to get a detailed written quote rather than a wide range. Many designers charge flat fee based on the project.

Is Turnkey Design Worth the Cost?

For many homeowners and organizations, paying more for turnkey interior design services is worthwhile when you consider the benefits:

  • You get expert guidance from start to finish.
  • It saves you significant time by eliminating DIY work.
  • You avoid frustrations and delays dealing with vendors.
  • The designer oversees the entirety of the project.
  • You reduce the risk of budget or timeline overruns.
  • The end result is a polished, cohesive design.

You pay a premium for the convenience, experience and peace of mind. Turnkey interior design is an investment that yields beautiful results. For spacious or complex projects, the cost savings of avoiding mistakes can be significant.

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