Balance Your Space Feng Shui Style for Added Zen

Updated: July 24, 2024
Feng shui aims to harmonize humans with interior spaces by properly balancing and directing chi energy flow Originating in ancient China, feng shui philosophy is over 3,000 years old with principles tied to yin/yang, bagua areas and the five elements Contemporary interior design often incorporates basic feng shui elements like clearing clutter, adding plants and using natural contours to guide chi Bed placement, lighting, art, textiles, shapes and colors all impact the aura of rooms according to feng shui Anyone can shift room energy by applying feng shui design tips for prosperity, health, relationships and more
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I recently moved into a new apartment and was feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to arrange the space. The rooms felt chaotic no matter how I positioned the furniture. I longed for the tranquility and harmony I felt when visiting my friend Julia’s home. Her rooms always seem peaceful and balanced.

When I asked Julia how she achieves such a relaxed atmosphere in her home, she attributed it to using feng shui principles in her interior design. She explained some basic tips that I could use to enhance the energy flow and bring more zen into my new place. I was fascinated to learn about this ancient Chinese art of placement and spatial arrangement.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on harmonizing people with their environment. It utilizes energy forces such as yin and yang to balance the flow of chi, or life force. The goal is to position objects and space to allow for optimal energy flow in a room or building. Following these feng shui tips allows occupants to tap into the productive energy of the environment.

Practitioners analyze architectural details, interior layout, furniture positioning, light sources, color schemes, and more. They make adjustments to support health, happiness and prosperity. Using intuitive skills along with calculations derived from Chinese astrology and philosophy, trained specialists can interpret how energy flows through a space.

History of Feng Shui

The history of feng shui dates back over 3,000 years ago to ancient China. Early practitioners used knowledge of yin/yang and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) to orient buildings and sites in an auspicious manner. They believed this allowed people and places to resonate with qi, the vital life force or cosmic energy of the universe.

The compass was an essential ancient feng shui tool to properly align structures according to cardinal direction principles. qi energy varies in intensity and type based on north, south, east and west orientation. Authentic feng shui also incorporated astrology including the Lo Shu Square and the I Ching hexagram system.

These feng shui masters were revered for their almost mystical abilities to choose locations and designs to attract health, success and good fortune. Their knowledge was passed down orally for generations before being documented in Chinese texts.

An increasing Chinese diaspora spread feng shui philosophy across Asia. New schools formed interpreting principles in different ways. Also, more people began applying simplified concepts in everyday life without extensive calculations.

Interest in feng shui migrated to Europe and the Americas as well, weaving into modern architecture and design perspectives. Contemporary interior designers like InteriorxDesign often incorporate some basic aspects for an integrated zen habitat.

Key Elements of Feng Shui

Authentic classical feng shui entails fairly complex formulas, divining tools and a deep understanding of cosmological principles. However, there are some basic elements commonly used to balance energy in a home or workspace:

  • Nine Life Aspirations – mapping the “bagua” for wealth, fame, relationships, family, health, children/creativity, career, mentors and more
  • Yin/Yang Theory – acknowledging opposing dark & light forces and dualisms
  • Five Elements – promoting wood, fire, earth metal and water through colors, shapes and materials
  • Flowing Chi – proper orientation, removing clutter and adding water and living things
  • Cures – specific feng shui remedies suggested by analysis like mirrors, fountains, wind chimes and lucky charms

How to Apply Feng Shui Interior Design

While an expert feng shui analysis requires professional training, there are some DIY tips you can use to enhance energy alignment in your own space. Here is a basic process for beginners:

  • Clear Clutter – Clean out each room thoroughly so chi can circulate freely without blockages.
  • Situate the Bed – Position your bed furthest from and facing toward the entry door aligned with supportive cardinal directions.
  • Balance Elements – Add colors, textiles, accents to represent key elements like wood, fire, earth, metal, water.
  • Direct Energy Flow – Curve pathways in entry hall, align furniture to allow chi to move throughout rooms.
  • Incorporate Natural Light – Open curtains fully during the day to activate yang (masculine) energies.
  • Use Full Spectrum Lighting – Add lamps with dynamic light frequencies that shift from warm to cool.
  • Introduce Living Plants – Add leafy greens, flowers and aquariums to amplify nourishing chi.
  • Display Inspiring Images – Show vibrant artwork, vision boards and family photos to lift your mood.
  • Adjust for Room Use – Optimize dining area for sharing meals, office for focus, bedroom for rest according to feng shui area (bagua).
  • Enliven with Fruit – Keep fresh oranges and bowls of fruit visible to vitalize energy.
  • Play Harmonizing Sounds – Add gentle wind chimes and classic music to ease chi flow.
  • Guide Chi with Angles – Use carved corners, edged décor and angled patterns to direct energy.
  • Layer Textiles Mindfully – Balance yin/yang with curved valances, earthy tones, and 9 pointed stars.
  • Choose Auspicious Locations – Site entry, bedrooms, kitchen according to feng shui activations areas.
  • Remedy Problem Zones – Strategically place cures like crystals, bamboo flutes, foo dogs to restore balance.

This covers some starter tips for unleashing the harmonizing potential in your interior landscape using feng shui. Even just adopting a few enhancements consciously can make a noticeable difference. Consult an expert to go deeper addressing specific concerns for your home or business space.

Best Feng Shui Tips For Interior Design

Here is a roundup of top practical advice for infusing your rooms with feng shui elements to create a zen habitat:

  • Display 3 objects together for stability
  • Keep pairs of things (pillows, seats, artwork, candles, frames etc) for harmony
  • Add wheat stalks, bamboo and bonsai for vitality
  • Mount 6 coins tied with red ribbon for prosperity
  • Set a 3-legged figurine for balance facing the room’s center
  • Use black color accents for establishing strength
  • Show images only of loved ones smiling to uplift energy
  • Remove or cover mirrors, TVs and workout gear in bedrooms for proper rest
  • Fix dripping faucets and broken objects around the home right away
  • Choose elongated leafy plants and natural contouring shapes to guide chi


Feng shui may seem esoteric at first yet its core philosophy is about creating environments supportive to human life. Physical spaces channel energy whether we’re aware or not. Intentionally structuring interiors for optimal chi flow simply makes living easier.

Start slow with small adjustments if going full feng shui feels overwhelming. As the peaceful vibes begin permeating your rooms, you’ll likely feel inspired to keep building on the basics.

Pay attention to how the atmosphere shifts when you move objects around, open up corners or add plants. Tune into the sensory experiences that feel uplifting or soothing. Soon you’ll develop an intuitive sense for arrangements that boost your mood and support activities.

Balancing movement and stillness, light and dark, empty and filled spaces really does cultivate harmony. Fusing ancient Chinese wisdom and modern design, feng shui is truly interior zen made beautifully practical. Next time you visit, I hope to welcome you to my newly transformed and much more zen apartment!

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