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Mughal Interior Design Inspirations and Tips

Updated: April 15, 2024
Embrace regal Indian architecture in modern interiors with Mughal elements like domes, jaali screens, geometric patterns, arches & versatile furniture.

The opulent and grandiose style of Mughal interior design continues to inspire home decorators even today. This blog shares easy tips and ideas to incorporate Mughal elements into modern homes.

  • Use arches and domes
  • Add intricate wall patterns
  • Incorporate luxurious fabrics
  • Display flower vases
  • Add a chandelier

The History of Mughal Interior Design

Mughal interior design originated during the Mughal Empire in the 15th century in the Indian subcontinent. The Mughals were Muslim rulers in the region and their architectural and interior design style mixed Persian, Turkish, and Indian influences. Mughal palaces and forts featured high ceilings, intricate stone carvings, inlaid marble patterns, arches, and onion domes. The grand halls were decorated with carpets, jewel-toned fabrics, silk curtains, marble surfaces, fountains, chandeliers, and vases filled with roses or other fragrant flowers. The sophistication of Mughal style made it very influential even beyond their reign. Today, traces of Mughal design can be seen across modern and contemporary Indian interiors.

Arches and Domes

The symbolic arches and domes are the most recognizable features of Mughal buildings. Adding similar architectural details will lend an instant Mughal inspired touch. Use smaller arches over doorways, windows, built-in wall cabinets or bookshelves. For a dining space or bedroom, consider a large decorative arch over the main furniture. Paint it in a contrasting color to really make it stand out. Domes can be very elaborate to construct. For easier application in homes, use wallpaper or murals depicting the onion domes and shape geometric lamp shades, light fixtures or some decorative elements in that style. Essentially, utilize arches and dome visuals wherever convenient.

Intricate Wall Patterns

Mural paintings, tilework, carved stucco lattice screens on walls or windows, inlaid stone designs – surface embellishment was the hallmark of Mughal interiors. Replicate the style through modern wallpaper with exotic prints, ceramic tile patterns as backsplashes, textured plaster for an accent wall, or even by installing wood jali screens. Keep the colors more earthy and rich, drawing from gemstone hues – emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, topaz yellow etc. Break up larger empty wall spaces to evoke the decorated Mughal aesthetic. Floor carpets can also utilize Persian/Turkish inspired motifs.

Luxurious Fabrics

Fabrics played a huge role in manifesting the majesty of Mughal tastes. Seat cushions and bolsters in velvet, silks or brocades instantly formalize a space. For lighter areas, use sheer organza curtains softened with fringes and tasseled ropes to control light filtering. Upholster furniture in embroidered tapestry fabrics featuring floral vines, geometric shapes or other intricate patterns reminiscent of antique Indian crafts. Scatter plush satin pillows bearing complex zardozi handiwork. Employ fabric richness everywhere possible.

Flower Vases

Fresh colorful flowers graced Mughal living areas. Place a bouquet of roses, lilies, marigolds or other brightly hued blossoms in a decorative vase on console tables, at room corners, in the center of dining tables or coffee tables. For variety, utilize metal vases engraved with Mughal motifs. Earthen pots, glass vases also work for modern interiors. Just ensure there are always some flowers on display for that quintessential fragrant and colorful Mughal vibe.


Nothing spells opulence more than sparkling chandeliers hanging from high ceilings as seen in archetypal Mughal mansions. While crystal chandeliers are common choices, also consider lantern-style fixtures for a more authentic Persian character. Select ones with colored glass panels or those featuring intricate metalwork. Use chandelier shapes that reflect domes or arches. Varying sizes make a dramatic statement – a smaller version in living rooms, larger grand versions for entryways or above dining tables.

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